IT & Cloud Business SolutionS

​We can help you establish a governance plan that ensures your organization's key intellectual property is managed properly. The governance plan addresses operational issues such as security administration, storage quotas, web site management, search administration, and other operational standards specific to your organization.

​Migration SERVICES

​Moving applications & Infrastructure to the cloud requires planning and know how. We can work with your teams develop a migration plan that will include:

  • A list of technical and business requirements for a successful migration
  • A technical analysis of your current implementation to determine risks and challenges.
  • Design artifacts that detail how the current implementation will be migrated to a cloud platform.
  • A migration task list that details migration steps
  • A governance plan to manage security, user policy, and administration policies
  • Communication planning and training

We can help you envision exactly what type of cloud services makes sense for your business. First, we meet with your team to formalize the application requirements. We use this information to develop a solution document that details the architecture of the application, high level workflows, and the data model.

​We work alongside your team leads and department heads to develop a long term (3 to 5 year) strategic plan for moving some or all of your organization business applications and servers to cloud services. We can also help you choose the right service provider to meet your long term goals. We can analyze your current IT infrastructure to assess which internal services and functions can be moved to a cloud services.

We can be your trusted advisors when you need us. Bring us in as a strategic partner to help you with software evaluations or platform migration decisions for a limited number of hours per month.

cloud based services

iSD Logic is focused on helping businesses and non-profit organizations envision how cloud based services can reduce operational costs and increase customer reach.